JioFi WiFi Router – Price, Specifications, Tariff Plans and Review

Wi-fi hotspot has become necessary if you own multiple gadgets. On the go, in the car, away from your home or office, often you need to have an Internet connection to access emails, accounts, and data on clouds, etc.

Reliance JioFi Portable Wifi router overview

Internet access through data packs and open Wi-Fi networks is not always a feasible choice everywhere. Therefore, an Internet dongle serves the purpose of providing the Internet hotspot where more than one device is required to be connected simultaneously.

Reliance has introduced its portable Wi-fi internet router named Jio-Fi. The second generation of the dongle is available on the market since earlier this September. JioFi wifi router can be connected with non-4G devices as well. Hence, it is of use to a much wider range of customers.

What is the price of JioFi Router?

The price of the second generation JioFi router is Rs. 1999. The price is same as that of the previous version of Jio-Fi.

There are four different versions of JioFi Router, they all differ in specs and look.

  1. JioFi 1 Router : This was released as the first JioFi router during July.
  2. JioFi 2 Router : This JioFi 2 version is the most selling router among all the versions which is still available across all the Jio stores.
  3. JioFi 3 Router : This is the improved version of JioFi 2 with new Oled on the front which shows you the battery strength, Network, and Connectivity.
  4. JioFi 4 Dongle : JioFi dongle is the latest release of JioFi series and it’s not yet available across all the stores. It can be used for seamless connectivity while using it on personal PC or Laptop.

JioFi 2 Router Specifications

  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot connects up to 10 devices and one on USB.
  • Enjoy HD voice calls, video calls on 2G / 3G phone via Jio4GVoice app.
  • The powerful 2300mAh battery which gives you a backup of 6 hours.
  • JioFi wifi router range easily cover 2 rooms.

JioFi Tariff plans after welcome offer

There is no different tariff plan available for JioFi yet. You have to recharge your Jio number with the Jio Prepaid or Postpaid plans from 1st January 2017.

JioFi 2 wifi router review

I have been using JioFi portable router for more than 2 months now. The connectivity across multiple devices is the best thing i have seen. Many Wifi hotspots when connected to multiple devices start slowing down the speed but it;s not the case with JioFi 2 router.

The Battery backup of JioFi router is amazing, I am able to use it continuously for more than 5 hours. Voice calling using Jio4GVoice is a great feature through which you can make unlimited free calls to any network.

JioFi Dongle Features : Pros and Cons

Pros of JioFi Dongle:

  • It’s sleeker than the JioFi.
  • It supports an Oled display.
  • Jio Dongle comes with a Reliance Jio Welcome Offer.
  • Non-4G-device users can also connect to Jio
  • If you use Jio4GVoice app, you can make HD voice calls too from 2G/3G phones.

Cons of JioFI Dongle:
Not everything is perfect for everyone. Some may find a few cons with the device. Some of them might be that

  • Jio Dongle 2 doesn’t have a battery pack and needs to be connected to a laptop or other power source
  • The price of Jio Dongle 2 is same as the first Generation of Jio, which comes with the battery pack as well.

JioFi Dongle Contents and Review

When you buy Reliance Jio Wi-fi dongle, you receive a package with one AC to USB adapter (that can be plugged into any wall AC outlet). You can mount the dongle directly on USB adaptor. The speed and reliability according to the reviews are ‘excellent’.

To overcome the power pack difficulty, a battery power bank can also be used while on the go or other portability purposes. Any USB port can be used to power up the device like USB port of TV / Set-top Box / car charger.

There is another helpful feature of Multicolor LED present in the device. The led shows the 4G Signal Strengths grade wise (like excellent, good, poor and out of range). This helps you to determine the speed of the network (even from a distance) by looking at the color of light shown on the device.



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