Get Whatsapp Chat Bubbles In Smartphones

As whatsapp became the most popular messenger app in the world. Which as became the part of the facebook company for the upgradation part the whatsapp messager a new app is launched for the whatsapp messanger WhatsBubbles – chat bubbles.

This new app acts as an notification centre for the whatsapp just as the facebook messenger. Through this WhatsBubbles – chat bubbles if any friend or a member in the chat pins the message would be displayed in the form of the bubble. This bubble displays the message sent by the member on the screen during the operation of the mobile.

Earlier whatsapp messenger just displays the chat in the form of the messenger or notification. But in new whatsapp chat bubble member will be displayed on the screen displaying message in bubble. This helps the user to identify the message easily.

The usage of the whatsapp chat bubble is very simple. Just install a app WhatsBubbles – chat bubbles that is available for free in the google play store. After installation it would directly instract with whatsapp messenger and it would take a couple of minutes for the process. Later on the messages from whatsapp would be displayed in the form of the bubbles on your mobile display specifying the message. This acts as an reminder for the user.



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